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sodium polyphosphate PH 1.7-2.2
[Sell] sodium polyphosphate PH 1.7-2.2
Description: Excellent oxidation resistance, preventing browning, stabilizing VC function, high chelation effect)
Addiphos Poly- D
[Sell] Addiphos Poly- D
Description: Oxidation resistance, good chelation, used in firm and semi firm cheese products
Addiphos Pyro HP
[Sell] Addiphos Pyro HP
Description: used in meat processing,High-yield pyrophosphate to improve color and taste
Addiphos Poly HP
[Sell] Addiphos Poly HP
Description: used in meat processing,High-yield polyphosphate to improve the color and taste
Addiphos P50
[Sell] Addiphos P50
Description: It can improve emulsifying ability of the product, the tightness of the product, Slice without dropping slag, the color is natural, is used to emulsify the red meat.
Addiphos S50
[Sell] Addiphos S50
Description: It can improve the tightness of the product, without drop slag, the bright color of the product, used in white and emulsified meat
Addiphos P34
[Sell] Addiphos P34
Description: used in chopped meat processing,High efficiency general purpose products, high yield, good color protection
Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate with high solubility
[Sell] Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate with high solubility
Description: Emulsifier; buffer; nutrient; sequestrant; texturizer,High Solubility:6g/100mlH2O, 8g/100mlH2O
Brine STPP
[Sell] Brine STPP
Description: Addiphos Brine STPP can be dissolved in NaCl solution at low temperature; mainly used in injection, soaking and marinated meat processing; it helps in improving water retention, tenderness and natural color of meat products.
[Sell] Fast STPP
Description: Emulsifier;sequestrant .Rapid dissolution, high water retention function,16g/100ml (90-120 s)
calcium acid pyrophosphate
[Sell] calcium acid pyrophosphate
Description: Leavening agent; nutrient. with stable ROR from 10-40.
Monocalcium Phosphate Anhydrous
[Sell] Monocalcium Phosphate Anhydrous
Description: Monocalcium Phosphate could be used in bakery widely,especially our product owns chemical coating techology,which lead to the ROR been well controlled.
Description: SAPP(ROR=40、36、32、28、24、20、15、10),Buffer; emulsifier; leavening agent; sequestrant,SAPP is researched especially for baking powder and self-raising flour with slow leavening speed.
Trisodium Pyrophosphate Monohydrate
[Sell] Trisodium Pyrophosphate Monohydrate
Description: A patent product of our company,be used in meat, dairy, seafood,as Antioxidants,quality improver,water-retaning agent,The purity can reach more than 95%.
potassium polymetaphosphate
[Sell] potassium polymetaphosphate
Description: This is a patented product of our company,As fat emulsifier, keeping moisture agent, water softener, protein sedimentating agent, dispersant, emulsifier, stabilizer, etc. The Viscosity range of this product, is from 0-50mPas
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